Being a Working Mom who decides to stay home

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mind your own business

I have had a really interesting week......I am giving this stay at home mom thing a shot. I was brave and decided to take the 4 yr old girl and 18 month old boy to Chuck E. Cheese. Needless to say, I need to know my limitations. We weren't there long before the 4 yr old decided to cling to me like saran wrap and the little one decided to take off. She didn't want to lose him so she decided to chase him which made him run more. Then she decided to pick him up and drag him to me. I have been telling her not to do this for about a year. She still does it. It hurts him and pisses him off and makes me aggravated. She was not cooperating with me the whole morning. I was trying to get a drink at Chuck E. Cheese not a fast process. The boy takes off, the girl...saran wrap. I get the drink cup and I proceed to the drink fountains. I ask "saran wrap" to take her drink to the table and she refuses. I yell at her. I feel bad about my aggravation. I don't know anyone who likes to be upset. I don't know anyone who likes yelling at their kids. The next thing I know, a woman comes up to me and asks me to pray with her. I say "ok" hesitantly. She prays to god for me to get rid of the rage I have against my child aqnd to give me the patience that I need, blah blah blah AMEN. I couldn't believe this. I appreciate her concern and the prayer but this brought me more rage. Is this any of her business? What is going on with people in this world?